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Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1 (The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus)

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The Looter continues the generic Science Fiction villain theme while Gwen re-enacts the early Peter Parker coward comments!

Of course, no character is more of a fan-favorite than Peter Parker – Spider-Man – himself. Reading his earliest comic book exploits was truly an enjoyable experience for me considering that, up until this point, my experiences with the character came from all other forms of media except comic books. These old comics from the 1960s were as new to me as the day they were first printed, giving me a personally unique experience with Spider-Man even in this day and age, one that people who are already familiar with the comics may unfortunately miss out on when perusing this omnibus. One of the best things about this massive collection was how it made me feel like I was meeting Spider-Man for the first time all over again, and it has made me eager to read more! Chvilku jsem váhal zda tomu přeci jen nevystřelit "jen" 4, ale to prostě nejde. K takhle starým kouskům se nemůže přistupovat bez nějakých ohledů. What else was great? Well the art naturally. Steve Ditko's work here is incredible. Ditko didn't go for realism, but rather a unique and inimitable style. Nowhere, before or since (sorry McFarland) was Spidey's unnatural athleticism captured so completely. Simply wonderful. This is just a fantastic issue. It’s essentially everything a person needs to know about Spider-Man in one marathon bout. Even the blatant ads for the other Marvel comics are fairly well integrated. The card thing is a bit wonky, but honestly, I forgive it. It’s rightly remembered as a great issue, and it’s one of the best Lee & Ditko. Je zvláštní porovnávat Ditkovu kresbu na začátku a na konci a stejně tak i progres v Parkerově osobním životě, přihlédneme li, že se dost mluví o tom, jak Lee všechny kreslíře tlačil k tomu, aby kreslili víc jako Kirby a speciálně po Ditkovi požadoval, aby trochu polidštil všechny ty nepříjemné lidi v Parkerově okolí, a tak k zásadním změnám začalo docházet dlouho před Ditkovým odchodem.

December 2023/January 2024

And honestly most of the volume continues in this fashion of being fun and exciting and always working well with the main trio of characters, Peter, MJ, and Aunt May. This is also the run Aunt May learns Peter's secret, which changes the dynamic greatly and gives us some excellent moments of Aunt May's wisdom. Despite the repetition, this is still a fun storyline. That's in part because scrappy Peter Parker facing an utterly unbeatable foe is interesting. But it's the character subplots that really make the story. It's of course great to see Ezekiel again, but the heart of the story is Mary Jane, who finally comes to a really meaningful meeting of the minds with Peter, something that's been hanging over JMS' run to date.

This issue has a lot of good Flash, Liz, and Betty stuff, though Peter continues to be kind of a creep. He has his reasons, but still... I’ve bemoaned some of the melodrama, but the Betty-Peter breakup is pretty intense and more real than many of their interactions. Also, love that last panel. It’s a fun adventure story with a lot of interaction between Jonah and Peter. Lizard stories are all a little samey, and this is the archetype. The lizard is a neat foe, though his motivations are less than clear. It’s good spider fun! So, I like Mysterio, but this issue seems like a lot of repeated themes. Spider-Imposter stealing things, Betty frustratingly worrying, and J. Jonah Jameson being webbed at the end, Even Mysterio seems to mostly just have smoke. He does a few other things, but that’s all to confound Spidey before the smoke. The movie studio fight is fun, and Mysterio posing as a hero is nice, but it just leads to very samey Jonah stuff. It’s not a bad issue, this is where the series starts to spin its wheels sometimes.There is some solid Foswell stuff and the first (named) appearance of Norman Osborn! But, the robots are somewhat disappointing, and the Gwen stuff feels like more retread. Now these stories may seem somewhat quaint and even "silly" (as one friend said to me) in comparison to the dark "realism" of contemporary comics, but viewed in the perspective of their times it is easy to see why they represented such a unique and refreshing take on the increasingly moribund comics industry. In this book Peter Parker actually is kind of a jerk, so wrapped up in his dual identity that he can't pay attention to or connect with other people. Towards the end of this book, and from the bits I've read of the 40 or so issues that come after this, he gets progressively more sympathetic as he tries harder to be a good guy as well as a hero, but tends to fail anyway. It's also funny to see how this book introduces for the first time Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy, although it takes a long time for Peter to finally not be so oblivious to the outside world that he can get to know them. Ano, forma se ještě trochu hledá, co se týče vztahu text x obraz, a tak dochází k humorným případům, kdy situace zjevná z panelu bývá okomentována pro sichr monologem i vypravěčem.

Betty Brant stuff bookends the issue, though it’s not really relevant. I actually like the dream opening. Then, Kraven uses Chameleon tactics, which will have more ramifications in the 80s; otherwise, it’s mostly stuff we’ve seen. This omnibus includes the run by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (who co-created Spider-Man with Stan Lee). The volume includes Spidey's debut in Amazing Fantasy #15, the first 38 issues in the Amazing Spider-Man series as well as the first two Spider-Man annuals. Peter fights a jigsaw-puzzle Hulk that can't be killed because it's already dead. It's charming that JMS is playing in the science side of the Marvel universe pool, and he lets Peter be a bit of a scientist too. But so much of this arc is a big fight against an unstoppable foe (until it's ready to be defeated in the end), which is pretty much never a good look. Fortunately, the arc also has moral dilemmas and the rebuilding of the Peter/MJ relationship, to give it some depth [3+/5]. Coming Home (#30-35). JMS' first storyline for Spider-Man is a somewhat mixed bag. He certainly leaves an indelible mark on the character, and at times his writing is strong, but the question ultimately is whether it's for good or ill ..

December 2023

The Human Torch was at the height of his popularity here in his cash-grab spin-off in Strange Tales. This is one of the run’s better outings as the Torch and Spidey relationship continues here, and they establish their meeting place atop the Statue of Liberty. The highlight is their fight, a staple of superhero misunderstandings, though there is some silliness with the Torch’s hotheadedness (heh) the silly flame images (a power that doesn’t last), and the contrived ice web. The Fox and his gang are the usual uninspired villains that would show up in Strange Tales (Note: This is not the much more fun Fox, also a master thief, who would show up in the 80s). It’s also fun to see Kirby drawing and Ditko inking. It seems a bit rushed, but I enjoyed it. There’s too much fun here for me to really hate this.

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